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ValidiFI is redefining how financial service businesses measure risk and process payments.
With our innovative data, technologies and customized strategies, we increase client acquisitions, reduce processing fees, and facilitate payments.


We combine payment instrument data with multiple data sources


Discover how Payment Risk Optimizer (PRO) improves processing payments


We can help you maximize value & achieve a sustainable competitive advantage
How much lift can you get from Payment Instrument data?
See how the Payment Instrument risk score is determined?
What is the difference between Payment Instrument and payment history data?

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Transform Your Business with Data and Payment Instruments

The rise of fintech technologies, now, more than ever is affecting consumer behaviors.  Today, consumers possess multiple bank accounts, utilizing a wide array of payment instruments and high frequency usage of debit cards, (especially virtual,...

Data Scientists Evaluate Credit Risk to Help Lenders, Borrowers

BY CHRISTIE DELFANIAN SEPTEMBER 9, 2019 To lend or not to lend, that is the question. With the increase in online lending, financial service companies face the daunting task of determining which consumers will repay their loans and, more...

The Advantages of Using Non-Credentialed Bank Account Ownership Verification

Successfully verifying the ownership of an applicant’s bank account is crucial to mitigating fraud in your underwriting process. However, the problem that currently exists for financial service providers is creating a frictionless experience for...