Powering Payments for Businesses

Our payment strategies and payment partner networks are backed by more than 50 years of banking and financial services experience and extensive industry research. 

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Analyzing risks

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Whether you are attached to our PRO platform or simply need a new payment solution, we have the connectivity you need all in one place.   You’ve built your financial services business, but in order to scale to market, you must fund, process, and collect payments.  You’re not a payments expert, or maybe you are, and you need a sustainable payments partner.

Banks and payment processors recognize the tremendous opportunity and innovative capacities ValidiFI’s solutions deliver to businesses and the financial services industry.  Our collaborative approach with banks and processors for data services facilitates a unique ecosystem that powers growth for customers wanting to take full advantage of payments.

ValidiFI helps financial service businesses assess and identify the strategic considerations every organization must make for partnering with a processor or bank.  Our readiness and assessment tools enable you to evaluate exclusive programs and find the approach that fits your business agenda.

Whatever your strategic payment processing goals are, we can help you implement the right solution to reach those goals.

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Create your payment strategy and solution

Email us a payments@validifi.com to explore payment solutions for your financial services business and talk to one of our payment strategy experts.